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President and publisher: Emmanuelle Collas

Foreign Rights: Romaric Vinet-Kammerer
Representative: L'Autre agence

Publishing philosophy

Galaade Éditions is an independent and dynamic publishing house specialized in fiction and non-fiction, original and in translation. Since its foundation in 2005, more than 120 books have been published in fiction & non-fiction, literary fiction & upmarket fiction, original & in translation.

Galaade is the French publisher of Irvin Yalom, the American psychotherapist and author of acclaimed non-fiction such as the textbook Existential Psychotherapy, and fiction like Love's Executioner as well as the bestselling novel When Nietzsche Wept.

Galaade is also the publisher of authors such as Alain Fleischer, Nilüfer Göle, Daniel Handler, Ursula Hegi, Arnošt Lustig, Greil Marcus, Juan José Millás, Steven Millhauser, Maurice Olender, Raja Shehadeh or Gore Vidal.

Simultaneously, Galaade follows the literary work of new French voices: Marie Casanova, Sabine Huynh, François Koltès, Hugo Lamarck, Marc Lepape, the author of readers’ prize-winning Vasilsca, Frédéric Teillard or Sylvie Taussig, author of the literary UFO Dans les plis sinueux des vieilles capitales, published in August 2012.

Galaade is also involved in the current affairs with acute and audacious essays by important contemporary figures such as the open letter to Barack Obama written by Edouard Glissant and Patrick Chamoiseau, that was number one of the Express magazine best-seller list and that sold out its entire print of 10 000 copies during the month of its release.

Firmly rooted in ongoing today’s debates and at the crossroads of fiction and non-fiction, Galaade’s recurring themes span migrations and exiles, identity and the sense of belonging, the dialog of contemporary cultures, anti-Semitism and reflection on barbarity, political commitment and citizenship. All those themes are the publisher’s concerns and they certainly are convictions.

President and Publisher : Emmanuelle Collas

Emmanuelle Collas is a historian and a specialist in Greek and Roman Middle East. A professor of Greek History at the University of Mulhouse-Strasbourg, France, she has been working as an archaeologist in the Middle East for many years.
A background of a kind engraved in the publishing philosophy of Galaade since 2004.

« Daring, rejecting sterile partitioning, Galaade is the antidote to propaganda, following its course in fiction, poetry and non-fiction. » – Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace

« Emmanuelle Collas is looking for authors whose works she can support with unconditional commitment. » – Livres Hebdo

« Galaade is a resource at a crossroads, a powerhouse between literature and essay. » – La Croix

For all correspondence:
T: +33 1 42 23 56 02


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